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We believe in an equal music industry


ODA STUDIOS lifts and gathers women and trans people in composition and production.

We want to offer a safe place where creativity will flow freely, where experience is to be exchanged and new contraventive ideas encouraged.



Stockholm, May 2017



Oda Studios is a brand new separatist recording collective for women and trans people. With its headquarters in the heart of Stockholm, it is now a unique creative home for 16 producers, songwriters, mixing engineers and recording artists.






2017-05-01 Official launch of ODA STUDIOS


2017-05-11 ODA STUDIOS featured in SKAP


2017-05-19 ODA STUDIOS featured in Nöjesguiden


2017-05-19 ODA STUDIOS featured in Musikindustrin


2017-05-24 ODA STUDIOS featured in Fria tidningen


2017-06-08 ODA STUDIOS Launch party


2017-11-23 ODA x Upfront at Hilma




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