The idea of ​​ODA STUDIOS was born out of my longing for a context and a place where I could work with music. The purpose of ODA STUDIOS is to gather, strengthen and elevate non-male musicians and offer a creative platform for skills development, collaboration and inspiration.

                                            - Selen Özan, founder.

An ambition of ours is to inspire people to make similar initiatives that takes, not only the music industry, but also the society forward. In the end, it's all about giving  people the opportunity to create a safe creative space.

                                            - Barbara Chamoun, co-founder.

We believe in an equal music industry

ODA STUDIOS lifts and gathers women and trans people in composition and production.

We want to offer a safe place where creativity will flow freely, where experience is to be exchanged and new contraventive ideas encouraged.



2017-05-01  Official launch of ODA STUDIOS

2017-05-11 ODA STUDIOS featured in SKAP

2017-05-19 ODA STUDIOS featured in Nöjesguiden

2017-05-19 ODA STUDIOS featured in Musikindustrin

2017-05-24 ODA STUDIOS featured in Fria tidningen

2017-06-08 ODA STUDIOS Launch party

2017-11-23 ODA x Upfront at Hilma


Oda Studios is a separatist recording collective for women and trans people. With its headquarters in the heart of Stockholm, it is a unique creative home for 19 producers, songwriters, mixing engineers and recording artists.

Oda Studios officially launched in May 2017.

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